The Masked Singer’s Jacket Potato & Otter favourites to EXIT show this week


Who do fans think Fawn is?

Viewers are fast on their feet when it comes to guessing which star-studded celeb is singing behind the masked characters.

When revealing their clues, Fawn suggested that they were very sweet.

Fawn then added: “You might think that a fawn is a young deer but I’m certainly not the baby.

”Although, like a fawn, I admit that when I was younger I was somewhat awkward. Call me a boffin but Maths was a passion.

“Now that I’m all grown-up, I’m not awkward at all.”

Some fans are convinced BGT judge Amanda Holden is hiding behind the big doe-eyes.

Other guesses include Geri HornerEmma BuntonCarol VordermanMatt Lucas or Holly Willoughby.

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